Sports team-building activities made easy

Blook allows your employees to book together their team sport sessions when and wherever they desire.

Build connections between your employees. Foster employee happiness and well-being 

through sports.

Employee happiness

Your employees easily create or join sports sessions on our platform. No organisation skills needed, we take care of everything. 

Easy to use platform

Our platform offers a wide selection of sports activities and facilities. Your employees choose the option that suits them best. 

Endless possibilities

How does it work?

Choose a plan

Your employees select their sports

We take care of all the logistics and administration

We provide you a monthly reporting of the activities and the spent budget

We handle everything for you

Decide on a monthly budget per employee

Non-binding contract, terminable at any time without any charges

They manage their personal account on our app 

They decide the time, the place, the partner(s) and 

the activity 




Choose the plan that matches best the needs of your organization and those of your employees

Our offers

  • Monthly budget allowed / employee
  • Min 1 sports session / month


  • Monthly budget allowed / employee
  • Min 1 sports session / month
  • 1 teambuilding session / month


  • Monthly budget allowed / employee
  • Up to 3 sports sessions / month
  • 1 teambuilding session / month 
  • Stakeholders networking (clients, suppliers and future collaborators)


from 10€/employee/month

from 15€/employee/month

from 20€/employee/month

Do you want to build cohesive teams and improve the well-being of your employees?

Propose sport in a company is above all to invest in your human capital, engine of growth of your activities

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